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Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

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Sterling Cunio
OSP #11077892
2605 State St.
Salem, OR  97310

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O'Connor Weber LLP
Ryan O'Connor
522 SW 5th Ave. Ste. #812
Portland, OR 97204
Ph: (503) 226-0923

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If you would like to speak with Sterling, you'll need to register your phone number with Telmate. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are the steps:

1.) Call (866) 516-0115 from the phone number you'd like to register.

2.) Be prepared to answer some of the following questions: Name of inmate (Sterling Cunio), inmate's "SID" (State ID) number (#11077892), the nature of your relationship (friend), your date of birth, your driver's license and/or state ID number and recent address.

3.) NOTE: The address is the part that is the most challenging because the zip code has to match whatever Telmate has on file for your name. You should be given 3 chances to get the correct address until you will be referred to complete verification on their website. This is a longer process and is not necessary. Simply call Telmate back and try again with another representative for 3 more attempts.

4.) Once you have successfully registered, send an email to Sterling using the form below and let him know your name, your phone number (so he knows what to dial), purpose of the call and general availability to receive a call (days and times) and he'll call you as soon as possible.

QUICK TIP: Program Telmate's number (866) 516-0115 into your phone so when he calls your called ID will say "Telmate" so you know who it is. These calls are monitored.

Video Visits

If you'd like to speak with Sterling via a video visit (like Skype), you'll need to register an account online with Telmate. Here arethe steps:

1.) Go to and click on "Create an Account".

2.) Click on "Continue as New User" --> State/Oregon --> Facility/Oregon State Penitentiary --> Click on "Continue", then choose "Friends and Family Account".

3.) Put in your phone number, click "Continue" and for deposit amount, you can choose "Other" for any amount you'd like. It's $9.00 for a 30 minute video visit and the minimum deposit amount is $10.00.

4.) Fill out "Billing and Payment" information, click "Accept Terms and Make Deposit".

5.) Send an email to Sterling using the form below and let him know your name, purpose of the call and general availability to receive a video visit (days and times) and he'll schedule a video visit as soon as possible. You will receive an email notification to confirm the date and time of the visit.

QUICK TIPS: Be logged in early so you can see where to click to start the visit and be prepared. You must have a computer or laptop with high speed internet and a video cam. Video visits are nonrefundable and any missed time it not refunded or prorated, either. These visits are monitored by Department of Corrections staff.


  1. Go to
  2. At the home page, click on the "Click Here to Register" link.
  3. Fill out the registration information (keep the option to notify you when you have messages box checked) and hit the "Accept" button.
  4. On the next page that shows up, on the "secureMAIL" box, click on the link that says "click here" to add a recipient to your account.
  5. Select State/Oregon --> Facility/Oregon Department of Corrections --> Search for Recipient/Number 11077892 --> Click on "Find Recipient" and then choose the radio button for "Sterling Cunio" and hit "Add Selected Recipient". Keep box checked for "Let this Recipient use my Credits" and select "Finish" button.
  6. This will take you back to the page to select a service. You are now ready to receive and send emails. Keep in mind that emails sent using this service cost . If you are ready to send an email, select the "secureMAIL box" and this will take you to your inbox. There are two options to pay for this service. If you click on "Purchase Plan" you can buy 4 messages for $1.74, 20 messages for $6.04, 40 messages for $10.44, or 60 messages for $13.74. With this option, whatever number of messages you buy, they must be used within 30 days. The other option is to click on "Buy Credits" (this is the recommended method) because they don't expire. It costs $.34 cents/credits per message (regardless of length) and you can get 500 credits for $5.00, 1,000 credits for $10.00., etc. So 1,000 is enough for 29 messages.

QUICK TIPS: Although convenient, this service is not "instant" and can take a few days for either party to receive the messages. Also, the character limit is set at 5,150 characters but it usually doesn't allow 100% of that capability.These emails are monitored.


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